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Masterpiece: Sanditon
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Experience Jane Austen's last, fragmented work, where entrepreneurs, love interests, legacy hunters, hypochondriacs and medical mountebanks come together at a struggling resort aimed to be the next fashionable playground in early 1800s England.

Sundays at 8:00 p.m., beginning January 12, on Nine PBS.

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Episode Guide:

Episode 1
A chance encounter brings Charlotte Heywood to the developing seaside resort of Sanditon, where she meets the town’s eclectic residents.

Episode 2
Lady Denham plans an elaborate luncheon to welcome the wealthy West Indian heiress Miss Lambe to town. Charlotte and Sidney have an awkward confrontation.

Episode 3
Charlotte does all she can to avoid Sidney, but an emergency unites them. Tom finds a doctor for the town, but Lady Denham proves hard to win over.

Episode 4
Charlotte and Sidney clash over Miss Lambe’s love life, and Charlotte strikes up a new friendship. Clara witnesses a scene that raises her suspicions.

Episode 5
Tensions come to a head when Young Stringer, desperate for answers, threatens a worker boycott of the annual cricket match with Sanditon’s gentlemen.

Episode 6
Charlotte and Sidney must reconcile in order to help a friend. Meanwhile, Edward and Clara hatch a cunning plot to seize Lady Denham’s legacy.

Episode 7
With Sanditon’s regatta approaching, the success of the resort hangs in the balance—as do a number of romances. How will everyone fair in the sport of love?

Episode 8
It is the night of the Midsummer Ball, and romance, jealousy, and betrayal fill the air. Devastating events conspire to leave Charlotte and the Parker family facing difficult choices.