Rescan Day Provides Improved Service for Area Residents
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St. Louis, MO — May 29, 2018 — June 1, 2018, is Rescan Day for viewers of Nine Network (KETC/Channel 9).On that day, the Nine Network changes to a new frequency. The change will be transparent to most viewers. After Rescan Day, the Nine Network will continue to broadcast on four distinct channels: 9.1 (Nine PBS), 9.2 (Nine PBS KIDS), 9.3 (Nine World), and 9.4 (Nine Create).

For everyone who relies on an indoor or outdoor antenna to watch free, over-the-air television, Rescan Day is essential. These viewers will need to take simple steps to rescan TV sets when the Nine Network moves to its new frequency on June 1.

Fee-based subscribers to cable or satellite services do not need to take action; service providers will take care of the rescan for them.

The need to change the Nine Network frequency was the result of the Federal Communications Commission's 2017 "spectrum" auction to make room for more wireless service across the country.

Nine Network is one of the first stations in the country undergoing what’s known as “repacking” to a new frequency. In doing so, it has taken the additional step of substantially improving its signal strength. Nine Network will now be seen in more households across the region and improve its reception in others.

Rescanning is straightforward and requires no new equipment or services. Instructions are often found by pressing the “set-up” or “menu” buttons on the television remote control. Select “scan” or “auto-tune” from the TV or converter box menu. Detailed information and videos on how to rescan are at

About the Nine Network of Public Media

The Nine Network of Public Media is a multifaceted organization creating a network of individuals and organizations empowered by public media to strengthen civic life. One of the nation’s most watched public television stations, Nine Network offers the people of the St. Louis region multiple ways to explore the world and become engaged in civic life. Nine’s platforms include four distinct broadcast channels (Nine PBS, Nine World, Nine Create and Nine PBS KIDS), the Nine Center for Public Engagement, the Public Media Commons, social media, and multiple websites accessible at Nine Network’s rich legacy of serving the community was launched in 1954 and continues through our vision of a strong and healthy community working together through public media and our mission of igniting the spirit of possibility.