Feast TV’s creator Catherine Neville to go national with new series
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tasteMAKERS will focus on the maker movement’s influence on American food culture

St. Louis, MO — August 29, 2017— Long-time Nine Network collaborator and Emmy©-winning television host Catherine Neville has announced a new, national program set to debut in Fall 2018. The Nine Network is proud to act as presenting station of tasteMAKERS as it is distributed to public television stations around the country through American Public Television (APT).

tasteMAKERS will explore the maker movement across the United States and introduce America to the local artisans who are redefining their respective food categories and bringing passion and artistry to the products they create. In its first 13-episode season, the series will visit locales from oyster farms off Washington’s coast, to wood-fired bakeries in the woods of North Carolina, and highlight the work of lots of innovative makers in between.

The show will cater to rising enthusiasm for locally sourced food and drink, and showcase the artisan food culture that inspires many of the professional chefs currently in the television spotlight.

“I am especially excited about the opportunity to produce a nationally televised culinary show out of St. Louis,” Catherine Neville said. “Feast TV has been able to draw attention to so many of our city and our state’s culinary hotspots, it’s amazing to be able to do the same for avant-garde food enthusiasts across the country, and I’m grateful to the Nine Network and APT for that opportunity.”

Nine Network President and CEO Jack Galmiche recognized the potential of a series focused on the maker movement. He thought Neville would be the perfect host for a nationally distributed program given the wide appeal of both the highly rated Feast TV and regularly sold-out Taste & See events hosted by Neville and the Nine Network in the Public Media Commons.

“We’ve greatly enjoyed the relationship we’ve had with Cat over the past five years and have enjoyed watching Feast TV grow into one of the most-watched shows on the Nine Network,” said Galmiche. “We look forward to continuing to work with Cat and American Public Television to ensure the new show’s highest audience numbers and broadest distribution possible.”

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