Two St. Louis Chicken Sandwiches Make Food Network List
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St. Louis is known for baseball, BBQ and very recently, for a number of amazing sandwiches from local restaurants gracing the list of the best sandwiches in the US. How many more great accolades can St. Louis receive? Do we have room to remember them at all? Eat at them all? Be proud of them all? Because here comes some more.

The Food Network recently unveiled their list of America's Best Fried Chicken Sandwiches. Now before we separate into our corners screaming "Chick-Fil-A is the best!" and "But HAVE YOU TRIED the Popeye's Chicken Sandwich?!?!", we are talking local right now. Spoiler alert though, Popeye's did make the list, along with a chicken sandwich from Shake Shack.

Within the 30 entries, two local St. Louis restaurants landed spots on the (coveted?) list. Congratulations to Midtown's Southern, which was honored for their Firebird Chicken Sandwich. We think it was the "Fancy Ranch" dressing drizzled over the top that sealed the deal for this spicy bird on a bun. Cherokee's Byrd & Barrel grabbed the other local spot on the list, with "The Mother Clucker". This chicken sandwich has provel AND Red Hot Riplets on it. It screams "I AM A ST. LOUIS FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH!".

Just another food feather in St. Louis already crowded culinary cap.