Living St. Louis | Monday, February 24
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St. Louis University researcher Dr. Sharon Frey explains the appearance of the Coronavirus and challenges of finding and delivering a new vaccine.

Kasi Lemmons
The director, who spent her childhood years in St. Louis, discusses her film Harriet, and why it took so long for Harriet Tubman’s story to be told by Hollywood.

Missouri Compromise
2021 will be the bicentennial of Missouri statehood, but this year is the bicentennial of the agreement in congress that made it possible: the Missouri Compromise.

David Francis and Phillip Jordan
St. Louis’ David R. Francis went to Russia as U.S, ambassador and found himself in the middle of a revolution. His African-American valet, Phillip Jordan, put himself in the middle of the action and brought back valuable information to the embassy.

Gwen Ifill Stamp
The late PBS journalist Gwen Ifill is honored with a U.S. postage stamp, dedicated in the Nine Network studios.

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Living St. Louis

Monday, February 24


Coronavirus, Kasi Lemmons, Missouri Compromise, Phillip Jordan, Gwen Ifill Stamp.