Celebrating and Supporting the Diverse Teaching Community
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Nine Network hosted its second annual PBS KIDS Edcamp for Early Childhood Educators on October 19. PBS KIDS Edcamp was presented by Norman J. Stupp Foundation, in partnership with St. Louisbased WePower, and was free to attendees. Numerous nonprofits that focused on early childhood education attended the event.

Participants chose session topics based on the issues they believed are most pressing for childcare in the region. The camp’s session topics ranged from family well-being to the cost of childcare.

Alex Stallings (left), Nine Community Engagement Manager, and Charli A. Cooksey (right), Founder and CEO of WePower, at Edcamp.

Survey results were positive for this early learning professional development opportunity:

  • 90% responded that it was an enjoyable experience
  • 87% learned new ideas from participation
  • 87% responded that it met professional development needs
  • 82% would like to attend another PBS KIDS Edcamp

Edcamp marked the start of the second year of Tina Mosley’s role as Nine's PBS KIDS Early Learning Champion, who represents Nine Network on a local and national level. In her first year, she took part in community building with area parents, leadership roles, and professional learning opportunities provided by PBS and Nine.

Mosley will continue to lead Nine's local cohort of various early learning caregivers, including certified pre-K, Head Start and early elementary school teachers, childcare providers, as well as family, friends and neighbors in early learning settings.

“I loved the rich conversation around equity and family well-being. I could have stayed for hours listening to the ideas in the room.” —Edcamp attendee