Working St. Louis

Working St. Louis

Finding a career can be a challenge. Working St. Louis is a web series produced by the Nine Network in support of its American Graduate: Getting to Work initiative. Real people in real jobs answer questions like “Why do you do what you do?” The series raises awareness of the wide array of jobs and career paths available, in demand, and attainable after high school, with or without a college degree.

Working St. Louis Videos

Season One Episodes

Arch Building Inspector - David Meagerly

Sommelier - Jeff Callahan

Zoological Manager of Carnivores at the Saint Louis Zoo - Julie Hartell-DeNardo

Beer Shop Owners - Justin Harris and Ryan Griffin

Entomologist - Tad Yankoski

Field Technician for C&C Group - Shawn Stoll

Street Painter - Renee Richardt

Ginger Bay Salon Guest Services - Sarah “Penelope” Schulte

American Graduate: Getting to Work

AmGrad3American Graduate: Getting to Work

Through American Graduate: Getting to Work, the Nine Network is highlighting the changing world of work, the pathways into well-paying, in-demand jobs, and resources available to the St. Louis community. Specifically, middle-skills jobs offer opportunities to people looking to start or change a careers. These  jobs require some education and training after high school, but not necessarily a four-year degree. 

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