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The maker movement is changing the way America eats. As we increasingly want to know where our food comes from and who made it, entrepreneurs are rolling up their sleeves and becoming bread bakers, cheese makers, distillers and brewers.

Catherine Neville, long-time Nine Network collaborator and Emmy©-winning television host of Feast TV, captures the zeitgeist with tasteMAKERS.

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Nine Network is proud to act as presenting station of tasteMAKERS, which is distributed around the country through American Public Television (APT).



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Season 1 Episode Guide

Cane Creek Farms and Braeburn Farm in the tiny North Carolina town of Saxapahaw sustainably raise heritage pork and grass-fed beef, which is sourced to Left Bank Butchery.

Sweet Stuff 
Travel to Houston, TX, to meet a woman who is educating people about the food system one sweet spoonful of frozen custard at a time.

Not So Fast
Heliculture, a fancy word for snail farming, is on the rise in the U.S. Visit a tiny greenhouse in Cutchogue, NY, where tens of thousands of snails are being hand raised on foraged greens.

Fun Ferments
The ancient preservation technique of fermentation turns out to have tremendous health benefits. Meet the team behind Edible Alchemy in San Diego, CA.

On the Vine
Travel to Jack Rabbit Hill Farm in Hotchkiss, CO, where a biodynamic farmer is crafting wines that express his farm’s high-desert environment.

Shelled Out 
Farmed mussels, clams and oysters are a sustainable seafood choice, and that’s good for you and the environment. Venture to Coupeville, WA, to meet a farmer on the forefront of sustainable shellfish farming.

There’s a world of flavor to explore beyond standard extra-virgin olive oil. Take a trip to Pitts, GA, where coldpressed, unrefined oils are made from sunflower, okra and sesame seeds.

Warm and Wooly
Green Dirt Farms in Weston, MO, specializes in cheeses made from rich and creamy sheep’s milk. The cheeses get their start in well-tended soil that grows a range of prairie grasses that are responsible for the seasonal flavors in the cheeses.

Pucker Up
Indian River Lagoon, in Vero Beach, FL, makes this part of Florida one of the world’s best citrus-growing regions. Meet a couple who is crafting sour beers that celebrate the region’s farming history.

Out of the Box
Hydroponics are considered one way to efficiently and sustainably grow more fruits and veggies. Enter Boston based Freight Farms, who build self-contained hydroponic farms from cast-off shipping containers.

In the Wild
Meet the owner of Broken Arrow Ranch in Ingram, TX, who travels across the state, harvesting game on Texas ranches in a humane, sustainable way.

Soy to the World
Illinois produces the highest volume of soybeans of any state and some of those beans make it to Phoenix Bean, whose tofu is on the menus of some of Chicago’s best restaurants.

In Louisvillle, KY, Louismill works directly with grain farmers to source wheat, rye and corn that is stone ground into its flour and grits. Some of the flours make their way to its wood-fired pizza restaurant.

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tasteMAKERS' first 13-episode season takes viewers from a shellfish operation in the icy waters off the coast of Washington to a sheepmilk dairy in the rolling hills of Missouri to a tofu factory in the heart of Chicago to a snail farm on the North Fork of Long Island.

Each episode follows a documentarystyle story arc, taking viewers inside the world of the maker, exploring the creative process as well as the maker's connections within the culinary community, and finally landing in the kitchen to cook up something delicious.

“I am especially excited about the opportunity to produce a nationally televised culinary show out of St. Louis,” Neville says. “Feast TV has been able to draw attention to so many of our city and our state’s culinary hotspots, it’s amazing to be able to do the same for avant-garde food enthusiasts across the country, and I’m grateful to the Nine Network and APT for that opportunity.”

Nine Network President and CEO Jack Galmiche thought Neville would be the perfect host for a nationally distributed program given the wide appeal of both the highly rated Feast TV and regularly soldout Taste & See events hosted by Neville and the Nine Network in the Public Media Commons. When she developed the concept for tasteMAKERS, Galmiche recognized the potential for a series focused on the maker movement.

“We’ve greatly enjoyed the relationship we’ve had with Cat over the past six years and have enjoyed watching Feast TV grow into one of the mostwatched shows on the Nine Network,” says Galmiche.

Neville is focusing her lens on the artisans who are defining the flavor of American food, offering viewers a unique look at the burgeoning culinary maker movement. This series is a journey into the heart of America, where makers who are focused on flavor create products that reflect the character of their environment as well as their communities.

“Seeking stories over the last 20 years has led me to discover and appreciate the risks these makers take and the determination required to follow their passion,” says Neville. “I've seen firsthand the positive impact experienced by those who work each day to create something that is unique and personal and, in tasteMAKERS, I am excited to share their stories.”

tasteMAKERS builds on Neville’s work at the local and regional level. Her nearly two decades in culinary journalism informs her trek through the current state of food. “I am inspired by the people I cover and strive to develop content that matches their passion,” she says.

“Their work is the backbone of the culinary industry. With tasteMAKERS, I'll showcase their craft and introduce you to the people whose work reflects the authenticity and diversity of American food and drink.”

--Article from September/October 2018 issue of nineMagazine