SciTech Now | February 1, 2017

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An old building in South St. Louis is the new home of the Arch Reactor hackerspace, a community workshop for tinkerers, inventors, and innovators. It’s the kind of place needed by cities that want to be on the cutting edge.

A team of female engineering students has built a hybrid racecar they call “HotWheelz” and they’re ready to put it to the test in international competition.

A physical therapist and an engineer have created what looks like a very odd roller skate, but it is helping stroke victims regain their ability to walk.

Genetic engineering might give dairy farmers and ranchers something they’ve wanted for a long time -- hornless cattle.

Big plans for an empty lot in south St. Louis. The Green House Venture aims to new kind of hands-on science center for elementary school students. 


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