SciTech Now | April 6, 2016

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The latest images of Pluto show it to be a much livelier and more mysterious place than scientists first thought.  Washington University planetary scientist William McKinnon is zeroing in the forces behind a huge ocean of frozen nitrogen.  But how does he know how deep it is?
Cubesats are tiny satellites that are democratizing space science.  If you can get your experiment in a shoebox, you might be able to hitch a ride into orbit.
In Florida, they’re vacuuming the seabed and laying sod of natural grass to restore what was once an aquatic paradise. It’s an effort backed by citizens, scientists and legislators.  But it’s the manatees who have the most to gain.
The hosts of America’s Test Kitchen, Chris Kimball and Bridget Lancaster, talk food and the scientific method. How rigorous tests and controls…and dozens of failures… are often needed to get to the right recipe.


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