Science Matters | July 29, 2015

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For more than 25 summers, St. Louis STARS program (Students and Teachers as Research Scientists) has been placing some of the best and brightest high school juniors into labs around the city to do research under the guidance of top scientists and engineers.  

A look at efforts to prepare forests in the Northwest to withstand larger and more frequent wildfires.

Floridians are losing the fight against a vine called the air potato, which is taking over large areas and threatening native vegetation.  Can a very hungry beetle turn the tide?

Reading and understanding the nutrition labels on food packaging can be daunting.  Tech companies are working on a number of ways to help us make sense of the information and make smarter food choices.

Fertilizers fuel our crops, but runoff from farms also fuels algae growth that can threaten water quality.  A company has come up with a better way of doing things using the worst stuff you can imagine.