Science Matters | July 22, 2015

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At the Danforth Plant Science Center, Dr. Jim Umen’s research on algae as a biofuel source has led to a discovery about one of the most intriguing mysteries about life on Earth: the origins of sex.
He’s one of the world’s leading experts on dinosaurs, but more than that, Mark Norell has been dubbed “the coolest dude alive.”
Damming up a river has a major impact on the environment, but in Washington State scientists are studying what is happening on the Elwha River now that a dam has been removed.
Standup science?  New York’s Story Collider has performers taking the stage to entertain audiences with stories that are more about life lessons than science class.
St. Louis University gerontologist Dr. John Morley talks about medical trends and facds and the dangers of a deficiency of common sense.