Watch Online | Nova: The Origami Revolution

Posted by Dale Fisher on

NOVA The Origami Revolution Engineers are using origami to design drugs, micro-robots, and future space missions.

The centuries-old tradition of folding two-dimensional paper into three-dimensional shapes is inspiring a scientific revolution. The rules of folding are at the heart of many natural phenomena, from how leaves blossom to how beetles fly. But now, engineers and designers are applying its principles to reshape the world around us… and even within us, designing new drugs, micro-robots, and future space missions! With this burgeoning field of origami-inspired-design, the questions is: can the mathematics of origami be boiled down to one elegant algorithm – a fail-proof guidebook to make any object out of a flat surface, just by folding? And if so, what would that mean for the future of design? Explore the high-tech future of this age-old art as NOVA unfolds The Origami Revolution.

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