Tune in for "Nature’s Great Race" Beginning July 12

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Nature's Great Race


Aired: 2017-07-12 12:00:0054:44 Expires: 08/10/17 Rating: TV-G

A thousand elephants come together in Kenya at a critical stage of their migration.

Nature's Great Race follows three groups of animals – caribou, zebra, and elephants – as they face the immense challenges of migration in places around the world. Captured in real-time, using the latest satellite-tracking and filming technology, the program gives unparalleled access to the great obstacles facing each individual herd, from treacherous terrain to merciless predators, as they risk danger and death in a race for their lives.

In breathtaking spectacles spanning Canada, Alaska, and southern and eastern Africa, the documentary gives a front-row seat to the ultimate test of survival for each of these animal groups, showcasing their journeys more intimately than they’ve ever been seen before – each fraught step captured in unprecedented depth and detail.

With rare access to one of the world’s most extraordinary events, Nature's Great Race doesn’t just tell, but shows nature’s breathtaking spectacles, astonishing challenges, and triumphs against all odds.

Tune in Wednesdays, beginning July 12, at 9:00 p.m. on Nine PBS.