Feast TV New Season Premieres May 7!

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The new season features 13 fresh episodes covering everything from wood-fired cooking to fermented foods to high-level culinary competitions. Host and producer Cat Neville is your guide through our region's food and beverage industry, taking you behind the scenes to meet the people who are defining the flavor of the Midwest. In each episode, she explores a specific topic and then wraps in the kitchen with a recipe that will inspire you to roll up your sleeves and get cooking at home.

Season 6 Episode Guide

Tune in for Feast TV Mondays at 9:30 p.m. on Nine PBS.

Great Grains – May 7

We often take grains for granted. Pasta, bread, cereal … so many staples are built on a base of grains. But how are grains grown and harvested and what is out there beyond wheat? In this episode, host Cat Neville takes you from the field to the mill to explore Midwest grain production. First up, we visit Hodgson Mill, which has been milling grains since the 19th century, then she heads to southern Missouri to see how rice is grown at Martin Rice Co. After a sip of grain-to-glass bourbon at Stumpy’s Spirits in southern Illinois, Cat heads to the kitchen and shows you how to stuff collard greens with farro and Feta. 

Wood Fired – May 14

Live-fire cooking is a growing trend – the intense heat and smoke of wood fire add dimension to even simple dishes. All wood-fired cooking must start with a good supply of great wood, so Cat’s first stop is in Kansas City, Kansas, at Woodyard BBQ where they’ve been supplying wood to the barbecue industry since 1913. Then, she heads to Columbia to see how the chefs at Flyover use their wood-fired oven to amplify the flavor of seasonal fare. Last stop is in St. Louis at the Balkan Treat Box food truck, where Bosnian and Turkish flavors are perfected with live fire right on the truck. In the kitchen, Cat makes a Turkish-style kofte and smoky baba ganoush.

Good Eggs – May  21

The incredible, edible egg … they are key players in everything from brioche to hollandaise sauce to meatloaf. In this episode, host Cat Neville explores the ubiquitous egg and begins her journey at Blue Heron Farms near Springfield, Missouri, where James Boosey gathers eggs from chickens, ducks and geese. Cat’s next stop is at Yolklore in St. Louis, where they cook up creative egg-centric breakfasts that keep loyal clientele coming back for more and finally, at Shio Ramen in Kansas City, she learns the too-simple-to-be-true method of cooking the soft egg necessary for perfect ramen. Back in the kitchen, Cat shows you how to make an easy miso ramen starring those luxurious runny eggs.

Go East – June 18

The foods of Asia are vast and varied and in this episode, host Cat Neville brings you vibrant flavors from China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam. Her first stop is in Lenexa, Kansas, at Chewology, a new spot focused on dumplings and Japanese-style bar snacks. If you are craving perfectly pan-fried dumplings, this is the place to get them. The “winged” technique may surprise you! Continuing on the dumpling theme, Cat explores bao buns with Jina Yoo in Columbia, where she stuffs the steamed buns with everything from ham and egg to red beans. Then, it’s off to Seoul Garden in St. Louis for a taste of Korean barbecue hot off the grill. Back in the kitchen, Cat makes a fresh, fast Vietnamese-style chicken salad with fresh herbs.

Water World – June 25

From the freshwater stream to the saltwater farm, seafood is raised and harvested right here in the Midwest. In this episode, host Cat Neville explores two very different approaches to farming fish, one you’re familiar with and one you’re probably not. First, she heads to Rockbridge, Missouri, to test the waters at a decades-old trout farm where the fish are raised and the spring-fed streams are stocked for fishermen year-round. Then, she heads to Kansas City to see an innovative saltwater shrimp farm. The vast majority of the shrimp Americans eat is imported and an increasing number of entrepreneurs are cultivating them here at home in sustainable saltwater pools. Once the shrimp are harvested, Cat follows them to The Rieger to see how chef Howard Hannah prepares the local delicacy and then it’s off to her own kitchen to make a salt-baked freshwater trout.

Coffee & Doughnuts – July 2

Peanut butter and jelly. Mac and cheese. Chips and salsa. Some things were made for each other and in this episode, we explore the all-American partnership of coffee and doughnuts. Host Cat Neville’s first stop is at Fretboard Coffee in Columbia, Missouri, where coffee is roasted on site and brewed in a range of fun and forward ways. We have to pair this coffee with a doughnut, right? In St. Louis, Vincent Van Doughnuts is making artisan doughnuts and pastries that are almost too good to dunk. Rounding out the episode are a visit to Thou Mayest in Kansas City, where coffee and cocktails encourage conversation, and a stop in Cat’s kitchen to make potato doughnuts with a coffee glaze.

Fermented – July 9

Fermented foods are bubbling up on grocery store shelves and restaurant menus. There are lots of delicious benefits to fermentation as well as byproducts of fermentation, namely alcohol. Host Cat Neville’s first stop in our fermentation episode is Mark Twain Brewery in Hannibal, Missouri, crafts beers that nod to the city’s most famous citizen. Then the heads to Fair Share Farm in Kearney, Missouri where a farm-to-ferment line of products enhances the very successful CSA program. Last stop in the show is at Confluence Kombucha in St. Louis where the chef uses a range of fermentation and preservation techniques to develop unique flavor and texture. In the kitchen, Cat uses some of Confluence’s kimchi and tofu to make a Korean-style soondubu stew sure to cure anything that ails you.

Go South – July 16

When you want a taste of something spicy, sweet, rich and refreshing, all at the same time, head south. Waaay south to Central, South America and the Caribbean. In this episode, we’re exploring the flavors and textures enjoyed by our southern neighbors. The basis of much of Mexican cuisine are the tortillas, sopas, gorditas and tamales made with cornmeal dough and host Cat Neville’s first stop is with Mission Taco to see how they make fresh masa from local non-GMO corn, then enjoy a taste of Cuba at Kansas City’s Plantain District, known for its perfectly layered Cuban sandwich. At Mango in St. Louis, Cat learns about ingredients native to Peru and then she heads to the kitchen to make Brazilian-style acarajé with shrimp salad.

Smoked – July 23

Barbecue is elemental. Take a tough cut of meat, cook it low and slow over smoldering embers for hours and hours and serve it up with a tangy, vinegary sauce. That’s it, right? Well, no, actually, there’s a lot more to smoked food than that. Host Cat Neville’s first stop in this episode is at Beast Craft Barbecue in Belleville, Illinois, where chef David Sandusky uses his fine-dining background to inform a creative approach to classic ‘cue. At Peaceful Pig in Kansas City, though, the approach is far from traditional. Jackfruit stands in for pork in sandwiches and mushrooms take the place of beef for “burnt ends.” And at Burgers’ Smokehouse in California, Missouri, we get back to tradition. Here, meats are cured with salt and smoke, including their famous country ham, ribs and brisket. The folks at Burgers’ sent Cat home with a bunch of that country ham and she’ll show you how to use it in a Southern-style spoonbread.  


The local wine industry is one of Missouri’s brightest gems. We all live just a quick drive away from wineries that are beautifully crafting vintages ranging from deep, dark Nortons to light, bright sparklers. If you’ve never had the chance to be on hand for harvest season, you’re in luck. Host Cat Neville is starting out this wine-soaked episode in the vineyard at Edg-Clif Winery in Potosi, where the harvest is in full swing, followed by a trip to Amigoni, an urban winery in Kansas City where they focus on vinifera. At Chaumette Winery in Ste. Genevieve, wines are made in the French style using local varietals and those food-friendly wines are paired with fare made at the winery’s award-winning restaurant. Cat wraps this episode up in the kitchen where she makes Chardonel-braised chicken thighs with olives, garlic and mushrooms.

Farm to Table

Eating local is no longer a trend. The connection between consumer and producer allows us to make informed consumer decisions and also create a greater sense of community via farm-fresh food. In this episode, host Cat Neville explores various ways you can shop local, starting at your local farmers’ market, as she heads to Springfield to check in with the folks at Farmers’ Market of the Ozarks. We typically associate open-air markets with local products, but in Augusta, Missouri, Todd Geisert, who is a multi-generation hog farmer, features his pork plus tons of products from local producers at his new market and cafe, Farm to You Market. Community Supported Agriculture is another way to get your local fix. In St. Louis, Mac’s Local features a diner where you can get grass-fed beef smash burgers and offers Grocery Bag subscriptions, which Cat will be using as the surprise base for a farm-fresh meal.

Frozen Assets

Sweet frozen treats are a hallmark of summertime fun and this episode will give you a taste of everything from snow cones to ice cream. Host Cat Neville’s first stop is at Pineapple Whip, a long-time Springfield favorite that whips up dairy-free desserts that have generated a fanatical following. Another flavor that defines summer comes from Rio Syrup. If you’ve ever had a snow cone, you’ve probably had Rio Syrup drizzled on top and the bright, sweet syrup is made by one family in a small building in St. Louis. Of course we have to dig into some ice cream in this episode, but Cat’s next visit isn’t to just any ice cream counter. She heads to Kansas City out the Mexican ice cream and popsicles from Paleterias Tropicana in Kansas City and then wraps up the episode in the kitchen making boozy popsicles.

For the Win

In this special episode, host Cat Neville follows Ben Grupe and his commis, Jared Dix, as they prepare for and then compete in the Ment’or competition in Las Vegas, Nevada. Months of intense practice go into preparing for the Ment’or competition, which will determine Team USA to represent the U.S. at Bocuse d’Or in 2019. Ben and Jared, who are the executive chef and chef de partie at St. Louis’ Elaia, were one of just three teams to make it to this highly prestigious competition. This is a rare look into the highly rigorous world of competition-level cooking.