Nine Network Announces the Launch of Nine PBS KIDS 24/7 Streaming Channel

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St. Louis, MO — December 12, 2016 —St. Louis native and PBS executive Lesli Rotenberg joined area educators and the Nine Network on Monday, Dec. 5 to announce the launch of Nine PBS KIDS, a 24/7 streaming channel and multimedia platform dedicated to children’s programming. Lesli Rotenberg is Senior Vice President and General Manager, Children’s Media and Education at PBS, where she oversees all children’s programming.

Starting January 16, Nine PBS KIDS will take the place of Nine Kids as dedicated children’s programming from the Nine Network. This is a 24-hour television channel with online streaming access and interactive gaming features available on any internet-connected device. It will provide parents access to the highest quality educational content wherever and whenever they are, including primetime and after-school hours when viewing among families is high.

“The way people of all ages consume media is changing,” said Nine Network President and CEO Jack Galmiche. “In the same way that we at the Nine Network feel the need to accommodate shifting preferences for accessing content in our adult viewers, we’ve recognized the need to adapt our programming for younger viewers as well.”

Nine PBS KIDS makes proven, curriculum-based educational content available to all young viewers. In addition to the channel launch, Rotenberg discussed with teachers, administrators and other educators how PBS LearningMedia brings free, trusted and standards-aligned resources for all to the classroom, advancing the Nine Network’s commitment to harnessing the power of public media for advancing educational outcomes.

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