Arts America Meets Local Band Guerrilla Swing

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The Nine Network Arts Series Also Follows Houston Muralist Wiley Robertson

St. Louis, MO — July 16, 2015 — On the next episode of the Nine Network’s weekly arts series Arts America, members of St. Louis band Tommy Halloran’s Guerrilla Swing discuss the evolution of their unique sound within a well-established genre, the history of jazz in our city, and the great love and support that St. Louis has for its musicians. This segment will air as part of Arts America on Saturday, July 25 at 3:30 p.m. on Nine PBS. (The show will be broadcast again on Sunday, July 26 at 1:00 p.m.)

Arts America will also explore the work of Houston muralist Wiley Robertson, who is using outlets such as billboards to spread a message of love throughout the city. This episode also features artist Greg Skochko, who created a prototypical scooter that runs on carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide waste obtained directly from cars in traffic. Then, in Cleveland, there’s hope and advice for those looking to use that favorite family recipe to intertwine business with culinary arts. Arts America also looks at how a Sacramento photographer’s work reflects her personal life.

Arts America is a weekly series presented by the Nine Network on Nine PBS. Nine’s St. Louis arts segments are also shown on PBS stations in 30 cities nationwide. Every episode spotlights a St. Louis area artist or local arts organization. Arts America and all arts programming on the Nine Network are sponsored by PNC Bank. Arts America programs can be viewed online after broadcast at

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