Nine Network Specials | Wish You Were Here–A Century of Missouri State Parks

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Nine’s half-hour documentary, Wish You Were Here–A Century of Missouri State Parks, celebrates 100 years of the Missouri parks system and our steadfast commitment to improving the community’s awareness, knowledge and stewardship of the environment

The Nine Network takes you on a trip to some of its most beautiful state parks in Wish You Were Here–A Century of Missouri State Parks. Part urban, part rural, with flavors of the north and south, Missouri is home to 91 state parks and historic sites. Tag along as we uncover the majestic beauty found throughout one of America’s greatest and oldest state park systems.

This Nine Network documentary captures one of the most ecologic diverse states in America. Hear the stewards of our park system talk about preservation efforts and the historic structures and unique geologic features found in the state parks of Missouri.

Discover the landscapes, terrains, rivers, lakes and historic sites of theses Missouri state parks: Arrow Rock State Historic Site, Watkins Woolen Mill State Park and Historic Site, Roaring River, Bennett Spring, Prairie, Johnson’s Shut-Ins, Lake of the Ozarks, Katy Trail, the Scott Joplin House, and Echo Bluff.


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