Watch Online | Living St. Louis | November 5, 2018

Posted by Dale Fisher on

Dreiser’s Blunder

Before he became a novelist, Theodore Dreiser was a young newspaper reporter and theater critic at the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, until the day he reviewed plays that failed to open.

Journalism Prof

Mizzou professor Stacey Woelfel, who has trained a generation of TV reporters, talks about the demands of covering the news in a changing media and political environment.

Charles Guggenheim and the Political Message

In the early days of television, before the days of slick attack ads, St. Louis filmmaker Charles Guggenheim was asked to help candidates present themselves and their and messages to a TV audience.

Dewey Defeats Truman

The Chicago Tribune with the famous headline was handed to a victorious Harry Truman at St. Louis’ Union Station in 1948. The story behind one of the most famous mistakes in journalism history. 


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