Watch Online | Living St. Louis | May 7, 2018

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Climate Summit
Producer Jim Kirchherr chats with two prominent speakers from the 2018 St. Louis Climate Summit: Nobel Prize-winning chemist Mario Molina and Bill Nye: science activist and former host of the PBS show “Bill Nye the Science Guy.”

Garden Expert Alan Gray
British garden expert and BBC Norfolk radio show host Alan Gray’s recent visit to St. Louis.

A.E. Hotchner
Producer Jim Kirchherr meets St. Louis native A.E. Hotchner during his recent visit back home. A writer since World War II, Hotchner wrote several biographies of famous people including Ernest Hemmingway and Sophia Loren. "King of the Hill" is a personal biography about his boyhood in St. Louis.

Producer Patrick Murphy looks at a collection of old postcards that depict famous buildings and sights around downtown St. Louis.


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