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From the freshwater stream to the saltwater farm, seafood is raised and harvested right here in the Midwest. In this episode, host Cat Neville explores two very different approaches to farming fish, one you’re familiar with and one you’re probably not. First, she heads to Rockbridge, Missouri, to test the waters at a decades-old trout farm where the fish are raised and the spring-fed streams are stocked for fishermen year-round. Then, she heads to Kansas City to see an innovative saltwater shrimp farm. The vast majority of the shrimp Americans eat is imported and an increasing number of entrepreneurs are cultivating them here at home in sustainable saltwater pools. Once the shrimp are harvested, Cat follows them to The Rieger to see how chef Howard Hannah prepares the local delicacy and then it’s off to her own kitchen to make a salt-baked freshwater trout.


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