Watch Online | Feast TV | Fermented

Posted by Dale Fisher on

Fermented foods are bubbling up on grocery store shelves and restaurant menus. There are lots of delicious benefits to fermentation as well as byproducts of fermentation, namely alcohol. Host Cat Neville’s first stop in our fermentation episode is Mark Twain Brewery in Hannibal, Missouri, crafts beers that nod to the city’s most famous citizen. Then the heads to Fair Share Farm in Kearney, Missouri where a farm-to-ferment line of products enhances the very successful CSA program. Last stop in the show is at Confluence Kombucha in St. Louis where the chef uses a range of fermentation and preservation techniques to develop unique flavor and texture. In the kitchen, Cat uses some of Confluence’s kimchi and tofu to make a Korean-style soondubu stew sure to cure anything that ails you.


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