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Create a Sustainable Garden to Feed You, Your School, Your Community
Grades: 3-6
Not sure what environmental sustainability is? Well, environmental sustainability is maintaining the levels in which our renewable and non-renewable resources are being used so they do not disappear! Examine methods of practicing sustainable gardening and learn how to tend a sustainable garden. Explore More

Sustainable Seafood
Grades: 6-10
Did you know that the decisions we make when ordering seafood can impact the health of the ocean? Find out what types of questions you need to ask in order to make more sustainable choices.
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Sustainable Tourism: Uganda
Grades: 5-12
Learn about 6-year CITA project in Uganda with Dr. Michael Campbell, who is helping to improve rural living conditions in Uganda by building up sustainable tourism in the area. Discover More

Sustainable Transportation: Buses and Biofuels
Grades: 6-10
Transportation of people (and all of our stuff) accounts for almost one-third of all carbon emissions in the U.S. See what steps you can take to help you reduce your carbon footprint!
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