Arts America | November 19, 2016

Posted by Dale Fisher on

St. Louis graffiti artist Jesse “Sinz” Cuellar learned how to paint with his mouth after injuries sustained in a fall left him a quadriplegic. He inspires others with similar physical limitations to follow their dreams.

Fiber artist Inna Schoeler did not allow the cultural limitations of her homeland in the former Soviet Union to stifle her creativity. She uses free-style knitting to create colorful, wearable art.

Nevada photographer Nancy Raven takes pictures without benefit of lenses. Her method is called pinhole photography and her “cameras” are large popcorn tins.

Martha Russo of Jamestown, Nevada combines ceramic materials with everything from metals to fruit to pig intestines to create stunning sculptural installations.

Houston couple Dick Moiel and Kathy Poeppel transitioned from their health care careers (he was a neurosurgeon, she an operating room nurse) to owners and operators of a glass-blowing studio.


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